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A Trip to the Segenat Children and Youth Library (Summer 2011)

The Segenat Children and Youth Library has received many volunteers and visitors since it opened over a year ago.  The experience affects them in many profound ways and they frequently tell their friends and colleagues, continue with fundraising efforts, dream of ways in which they can return.  We have just received a blog that was posted shortly after a visit to the Segenat this past summer.  We love to hear from our visitors and volunteers!

–Segenat Library

A Trip to the Segenat Children and Youth Library (Summer 2011)

by Tiffany Jones.

I was able to drop off 49 new books plus one homemade one to the Segenat Library. These were donations from the kids at Goodwin.

On Saturday, another volunteer and I decided to take all but the two youngest full time children with us to the library for the puppet show. (1-10 year old, 2-6 year olds, 2-five year olds, 2 almost 2 year olds and her 2 1/2 year old son).

Even the short walk there was an adventure.

Unfortunately for some reason the puppet show was a no-go, but it was almost better. I loved seeing them experience the library.

We kept most of the kids contained in Janet’s Reading Nook. Our biggest guy found the Tigrigna books and started reading.

The kids picked board books, picture books and puzzle books and went to town. Once they got the concept, they were hooked!! It was especially fun to see how our bitty ones loved being read to and looking at books. There is one little girl who is pretty new and this was the first genuine smile and animation I’ve seen. Other children joined the two crazy Ferengi women in the nook and several staff and children just stood outside of it and watched us. I don’t think they’ve probably ever had seen such a mix of small children there together. After about an hour and 15 minutes, we helped our children clean up and had to practically drag a couple with selective hearing out of there.. .


Tiffany Jones at the Segenat Children and Youth Library

Tiffany Jones at the Segenat Children and Youth Library